MedixSafe Ships S2 Narcotics Cabinet to United Arab Emirates

MedixSafe Ships S2 Narcotics Cabinet to United Arab Emirates

  • Post by : Teresa Searcy
  • May, 31 2014
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Fox News5 Las Vegas
May 31, 2014

Memphis, TN: Earlier this month, MedixSafe shipped an S2 Narcotics Cabinet to the United Arab Emirates. The MedixSafe Biometric S-Series is the most technologically advanced Triple Access security solution for narcotics storage in pharmacies, clinics, ambulance companies, and law enforcement. The S2 Narcotics Cabinet incorporates Biometrics, PIN and/or Proximity Card to gain access. The S2 has two separate compartments, each with their own Triple Access security solution and each compartment is equipped with a 1,000 lb. locking mechanism. MedixSafe technologies provide the highest degree of individual accountability and automated record keeping.

MedixSafe has been producing hi-tech narcotics cabinets since 2009 when a fire commissioner requested a more secure solution for narcotics storage. The M1 was built to meet those specifications. The MedixSafe M1 is the ambulance trades first, simplest dual access security solution, incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads.

MedixSafe now produces 5 different sizes with multiple access choices. The M-Series is the smallest with dimensions – 12W x 14H x 16D. The S-Series is the largest with dimensions 40W x 48H x 29.5D.

Keys or PIN numbers alone are no longer enough to ensure security and accountability for emergency narcotics access. Across the country and the globe, controlled substance inventory loss is having a critical impact on patient care, staff integrity, liability, and the bottom line.