While most all first responders are to be applauded for their bravery and public service, there can be a few bad apples in a big bunch. EMS1 recently reported that a former paramedic in St. John’s County, Florida was arrested and charged with felony theft of narcotics and forgery. reported that Matthew Hooker was arrested for stealing two doses of morphine and forging his partner’s signature as a witness. Randy Wyse, president of the Jacksonville Firefighter’s Association, said protocols help prevent this kind of incident from happening. “They’re accounted for and double-checked throughout the day,” he said. “There’s log and locks on the safe that they’re kept in.”

Key control solutions like Narcotics safes and lockers from MedixSafe can secure narcotics stored in ambulances, give EMS departments control over who can access keys, and provide accountability through audit trail logs.