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… and Out of the Hands of Thieves, Dealers, Addicts, and Even Disgruntled or Dishonest EMTs and Paramedics.



Now MedixSafe gives you the ability to protect the narcotics in your ambulances from being stolen by EMS staff while alerting you to narcotic access in real time.* (*Vanguard models only)

Usage of narcotics by EMS providers and other health care professionals is becoming now rampant, making the drugs in your ambulance or EMS office an even greater target for employee theft.


According to USA Today, more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, technicians, and other health professionals in the U.S. struggle with abuse of or addiction to narcotics.


Americans are 5% of the world’s population but consume 60% of all illegal drugs. says their rough estimate is that one in 10 EMTs may tamper with prescription and illegal drugs.


That’s where MedixSafe can help. Our triple security-plus technology® with wireless connection to your network and mobile devices enables you to reliably monitor access to the drugs in your ambulances and EMS facilities 24/7.


In our free white paper Securing Narcotics from Unauthorized Personnel, you will discover:

  • Why narcotics theft is becoming an epidemic in the U.S. today. Page 1.


  • How to know which employees removed drugs from secure storage and when. Page 4.


  • Why your narcotics cabinet should not have a key override system. Page 3.


  • How to maximize drug security with triple authenticated electronic access technology. Page 3.


  • A tip for ultimate narcotics cabinet security taken from nuclear missile launch systems: dual custody authentication. Page 4.


  • Avoid this mistake when planning to discipline, terminate, or prosecute an offending employee for suspected drug pilferage. Page 5.


And more….



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