Ryan Brothers Ambulance, Madison, WI

“Medixsafe has allowed us to securely store our controlled substance medications.

With the addition of a fingerprint scanner, it delivers another level of controlling access as well as a digital record of entry. This added level of accountability allows us to confirm who is accessing the safe, in real time.

Thank you for providing a well built, secure, safe at a fair price.”

Kurt Opgenorth
Ryan Brothers Ambulance
Madison, WI

Newton Township Fire, White Cottage Ohio

“We purchased the locks due to recent drug thefts in our general area and wanted a high security system to maintain security integrity. 

Medixsafe was just what we were looking for. Small secure footprint that easily fit into our vehicles. Multiple options including pass code biometrics and key code. 

We chose to use the biometrics and they have worked out great. We also chose the wireless option so we can manage users download locks and even receive notifications via email when the safe is opened or tampered with.

The software is pretty straight forward and tech support was very helpful in getting us up and running.  We are very pleased with the purchase and probably add other safes to the system in the future.”

Chief Deaver
Newton Township Fire
White Cottage Ohio

Tom Hill

“Working with Lindsay through the ordering process made my decision a lot easier, service after the sale was fantastic especially for a person who isn’t very computer savvy.

By installing these safes in our medic unit it saves a lot of paperwork and makes securing our drugs a lot safer.

I’ve already had several department in my area ask about your products.”

Tom Hill

North Massapequa Fire District, Seaford, NY

“Medix Safe has made our transition into carrying narcotics easy. By providing access control and accountability, we know who has accessed the drugs, and when.

Whenever we have had questions, someone is willing to help us through it, rarely requiring a returned call.

Thanks for helping to improve our program!”

Scott W. Seales
North Massapequa Fire District
Seaford, NY 

Fire Commissioner, Jericho, NY

“We have currently upgraded to the newest M2 HID WI-FI.

We are using 3 different access protocols for our paramedics, fingerprint & PIN, Card and Pin and key fob & pin.

We are very happy with the MedixSafe products and service.”

Ted Kets
Fire Commissioner
Jericho, NY

Peripap Medical Equipment Distributor, Piedmont, QC Canada

“Our company was bidding on a large project for a new hospital that was being built in Canada. We needed to meet the specifications and requirements set forth by the hospital for securing their narcotic medications, so we contacted MedixSafe for assistance.

They agreed to build us 84 custom cabinets to comply with the hospital’s size needs and access control requirements for a reasonable price, and we were awarded the bid for the project.

We have worked with MedixSafe over the past two years, through many changes and special requests made by the hospital. They have always been very responsive to addressing our questions and needs in a timely manner.  As with any large project, several issues arose along the way, but they were all resolved with the help of the MedixSafe team.

Their technical support department worked with us by phone during the cabinet and software installation and programming, to ensure that we met the hospital’s deadline for opening.”

Phil T.
Peripap Medical Equipment Distributor
Piedmont, QC Canada

Central Islip Hauppauge Ambulance Corps, Central Islip, NY

“MedixSafes are the premier product to secure an agency’s narcotics in an Emergency Service Environment.

There are many other competitors, however, those competitors lack the technology, sales staff and product which will meet any agency’s budget.

The MedixSafe sales team as well as their tech support will provide your agency with a warm rapport, regardless if your agency is placing a single order or a series of orders.

We took almost one year to decide on what product and how many safes we would need to adequately operate our agency.  This was an easy process due to the professionalism of the MedixSafe staff. You will not be sorry once you decide to purchase their product.

Our agency has utilized their product in traditional manners as well as some non traditional. This is an A+ product with an A+ staff.

John Martinez
Central Islip Hauppauge Ambulance Corps
Central Islip, NY

Westover Hills Laser Med Spa, San Antonio, TX

“I have to say, my experience with Medixsafe has been one of the best customer service experiences that I have ever had.

It is so hard today to find a company that actually cares to accommodate what you’re looking for, but Medixsafe, went beyond that.

Every question I had, every issue I had, was always taken care of in a timely manner. Lindsay was “superb”, I cannot say enough about how helpful she was in the ordering process and after in maintaining communication.

Tech support team is just as great. MedixSafe as a company is great, but the staff makes the company and the staff is amazing.”

Kat Burns
Westover Hills Laser Med Spa
San Antonio, TX