Update: MedixSafe Offers US & Canadian Paramedics Solutions to Keep Narcotics Safe – Newsday

Update: MedixSafe Offers US & Canadian Paramedics Solutions to Keep Narcotics Safe – Newsday

  • Post by : Teresa Searcy
  • Jun, 29 2013
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June 29, 2013

Narcotic theft continues among US and Canada paramedics. MedixSafe offers the solution on both sides of the border.

Narcotic theft continues to plague EMTs, Paramedics, and Ambulance administrators in the US and Canada. Medixsafe manufactures high tech narcotics cabinets using PIN, proximity card and biometrics for secure access and a comprehensive audit trail.

January 2011, FireRescue1 reported: “The way things are now, if drugs go missing, everyone who came into contact with the drug storage compartment (often just a Plexiglas cabinet) gets questioned. The Medixsafe audit trail helps investigators limit their search to just those names on the audit trail.”

Narcotics theft continues as seen in recent reports. Last October, a Boston paramedic may have infected as many as 50 patients after tampering with powerful painkillers Morphine and Fentanyl. In February, a Nova Scotia paramedic was arrested for narcotics theft. Less than one week after the director of operations for EHS Nova Scotia stated, “this is an isolated incident within our operation.” Another paramedic in Nova Scotia was charged with multiple theft, possession, and breach of trust charges.

“It’s a much-needed solution to a persistent problem” – John McGuire, Jericho, New York and New York City fire departments. McGuire has been using the Medixsafe and the main effect he has seen is deterrence. “Everyone knows you can’t get into the Medixsafe without being detected.”

Medixsafe is made of ten gauge powder-coated steel (not aluminum) and requires dual or triple access for entry. This means the user needs a combination of a PIN, proximity card and fingerprint scan to open the safe. Medixsafe units allow administrators to add, delete and modify users and download event history remotely from an administrator’s desk.

Keys or PIN numbers alone are no longer enough to ensure security and accountability foremergency narcotics access. Across the country, reductions in schedule II drug inventories are having a critical impact on patient care, staff integrity, liability, and the bottom line. This has led to regulatory demands for an access audit trail – MedixSafe offers unique, field-tested security solutions to meet those demands and keep narcotics safe.

MedixSafe gives the option of incorporating Biometric fingerprint scanners, proximity cards and even IP based remote management to narcotics security protocols. While maintaining quick access to emergency medicines, MedixSafe technologies allow for greater accountability and automated record keeping – ensuring compliance with new, stricter regulations.

Please contact MedixSafe to learn more, toll-free (855) 633-4972 or visit medixsafe.com