Paramedic Charged in Drug Theft

Paramedic Charged in Drug Theft

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  • Jul, 10 2010
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Wyoskibum | MOBERLY, MO – A paramedic with the Macon County Ambulance District has been arrested in connection with the theft of controlled substances from his employer.Craig Halliburton, 41, of Moberly, is charged with Burglary and Theft of a Controlled Substance, both Class “C” felonies and a misdemeanor count of Property Damage in connection with the theft of Morphine, Demerol and Valium.

According to court documents, the drugs were stolen from cabinet at the ambulance district. A police investigation revealed that someone had opened the cabinet with a code, and then slammed the cabinet shut on a screwdriver to try to make it look like it was forced open. Statements by other individuals in the case lead officers to question Halliburton, who later admitted to police that he had stolen the drugs and injected himself with Morphine. Halliburton also told police he had been addicted to pain killers for nearly two years, taking as many as 30 to 50 pills in a single day.

Police were informed that the Macon County Ambulance board did not want to press charges, just wanted Halliburton to receive treatment. Macon Police then took their information to Prosecutor Tim Bickhaus who filed the charges.

Halliburton is awaiting his first court date.