MedixSafe™ High Tech Narcotic Safes Deter Employee Theft

MedixSafe™ High Tech Narcotic Safes Deter Employee Theft

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  • Oct, 18 2011
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Quote start“Everyone knows you can’t get into the Medixsafe™ without being detected.”Quote end

(PRWEB) August 10, 2011

Memphis, TN: MedixSafe™ new narcotic safes and narcotic cabinets are the result of a fire commissioner‘s concern about employee theft and built to his specifications. MedixSafe™ offers dual access, IP, and biometric solutions.

Biometrics is recognized as the only technology that can tell with near absolute certainty that someone is who he or she claimed to be. Governments were the first to actively utilize biometric identification to secure their intellectual and physical property and then slowly expanded to border control and public safety.

Employee theft is a problem faced by EMS administrators, paramedics, and patients. Paramedics have direct access to powerful narcotics and some are abusing that access to feed their drug habits with chemicals like morphine and Fentanyl. In some cases, paramedics have replaced syringes of narcotics with saline or tap water, endangering patient care.

EMS administrators and paramedics jobs are at risk when drugs go missing. Everyone who had access to the drug storage compartment (often just a Plexiglas cabinet) is investigated. Employees are interviewed, research is done, suspensions and terminations follow. When federal drug laws are involved, cases are turned over to the FBI.

“It’s a much-needed solution to a persistent problem, according to John McGuire, a paramedic with the Jericho, New York and New York City fire departments. McGuire has been using the Medixsafe™ for more than 14 months and the main effect he’s seen is deterrence. “Everyone knows you can’t get into the Medixsafe™ without being detected.”

Medixsafe™ is made of ten gauge powder-coated steel (not aluminum) and requires dual access for entry. This means the user needs a combination of; a pin number, proximity card and fingerprint scan to open the safe. Medixsafe™ units allow administrators to add, delete and modify users and download event history remotely from an administrator’s desk.

Medixsafe™ puts control and host interface right on the Ambulance or Fire Truck. MedixSafe is a true IP solution that manages up to 44,000 cardholders or credentials in complete and full featured host systems. A fully integrated processor makes this one of a kind! It records every time the safe opens. MedixSafe II is a leap forward in high security access for controlled narcotics cabinets. It combines the ease of proximity technology with the power and convenience of remote network IP solutions, resulting in a complete audit trail.

MedixSafe™ was created by ESSC™., a Memphis-based, electronic security and network cabling company with over 30 years in the security arena.