Is Key Over-Ride Needed?

Is Key Over-Ride Needed?

  • Post by : Teresa Searcy
  • Mar, 26 2012
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(Email from March 19, 2012)

“Jim, I also think a key override is a joke and will lead to more problem then it worth. But the question I have is why do they want a key override? The only reason I can think of is the loss of power. If the safe is in an ambulance or fire truck and it loses power, well then your out of business anyway and you need to get another rig there to finish the job.

If the safe is in a building 99% of today’s emergency service buildings have generator back up so they will still have power to the safe. If they are worried about a reader not working, well that a chance you need to take and in the 3 years the safes have been in Jericho FD we have not had one problem.

I really would like to know why they need key over ride. Also sometimes agency’s write the bids around one product this way they get what they really want. So maybe they want the Knox box.”

Thank you,

-John McGuire, Jericho NY Fire Department