About MedixSafe

MedixSafe was created by Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC, Inc.), a Memphis-based electronic security / network cabling company established in 1987. ESSC, Inc. stands behind the MedixSafe product line and ensures its quality and longevity.


Our company motto, “The BEST way, the RIGHT way, ALL the way”, reflects our high standards and focus on product excellence and customer satisfaction.


Meet Our Company

(front to back – left to right)  Jim Turner, Katia Turner, Josh King, Dawn Amaro, Jesse Morentin, Lindsay McCollum, Tammy Craig, John Bowen, Clayton Young, Eric Hutcheson, Brandon Bowen, Chris Goodman, Benjamin Williams, Greg Clements, Percy Spearman, Jeffrey Gibbs, Robert Hannaman and Tim Watson


Company History

In the spring of 2009, through a series of circumstances, ESSC, Inc. was contacted by Fire Commissioner Ted Kets of Jericho, NY.

Commissioner Kets had a problem  that needed a dependable solution; he was responsible for securing and accounting for all the narcotics purchased by Jericho Fire Department and used on their ambulances. 

At the time, Commissioner Kets was considering purchasing a narcotics box manufactured by Knox Company. 

He was uncomfortable with the security of the Knox Box because it uses a single PIN code for user verification.  The problem was that anyone could watch another employee enter their code and then have access to the box.

Commissioner Kets asked ESSC, Inc. to build a small narcotics cabinet that required dual identification to gain entry to the unit, increasing its security by decreasing its ability to be compromised.

He and his coworkers provided the dimensions needed in order for the cabinet to be big enough to house the narcotics carried, yet small enough to mount easily into an ambulance or fire truck.  ESSC Inc. created a custom-made narcotics cabinet per Jericho’s specifications that required dual credentials to gain entry. The cabinet was named MedixSafe, because it keeps your Meds and your Medics Safe.


Since 2009, MedixSafe’s product line has evolved and grown tremendously to include 6 different sizes, 3 keypad/reader selections, and optional wireless communications.

Our customer base has expanded nationally to include 44 states and internationally into 4 Canadian provinces, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.


For more information about Electronic Security Specialists (ESSC Inc.) visit www.Memphis-Security.com.